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Guiyang electric control equipment co., LTD. Introduction of guiyang electric control equipment co., LTD. Is in guizhou highway group subsidiary with independent legal person qualification,Is the country“High and new technology enterprise”And“Little giant growth enterprises in guizhou province”,Our main products are:High and low voltage electrical equipment、Multi-functional stroke limiter、Settled monitoring system、Intelligent prestressed tensioning machine, etc;Can design all kinds of automatic control system installation and debugging、Security system design and installation;Highway electromechanical Ann engineering construction。To independent research and development highway tunnelPLCAutomatic control cabinet、Intelligent tension machine、Low voltage reactive power compensation filter unit, etc,The company has highway traffic engineering(Item of road safety facilities、Highway mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines)Specialized contracting grade、Electric power engineering construction general contracting grade 3、Guangdong(Fix it、Try)Electricity facilities permit four enterprise qualification,Is“Guizhou province high and low voltage electrical standardization technical committee”Member list... [To view more]

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Guiyang electric control equipment co., LTD
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