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Skylight industry national standard atlas, editor-in-chief of the unit

National standard atlas11CJ33《Ventilated daylighting skylight》Editor in chief of the unit;
《Ventilation skylight》、《Electric light smoke skylights》Participated in the unit;
Existing50More than the national patent technology,Ventilation is established、Rain simulation laboratory;
McVey r&d center was identified as“The enterprise technology center of chengdu”。

The scale of production industry leader,Supply ability

Chengdu JTG and salween owns two production bases,Covers an area of110000Square meters;
Take the lead in the introduction of robot welding technology in the industry of skylight;
With a full range of large and medium-sized production equipment,Capacity is guaranteed;
Can deal with the emergency order,Fast delivery time。

Industry full of qualification,Engineering experience

With steel structure engineering、Mechanical and electrical installation、Curtain wall project、Safety production license qualifications, etc;
To go throughISO9001Quality system certification;
More than ten years experience of project construction team;
Militarization management,Installation quality is more reliable。

24Hours response,Professional and efficient service

Professional design team,Can provide customers with deepening design scheme ;
24Hours response,The fastest can be on the day of arrival;
Establish a complete customer profiles,Comprehensive product training and maintenance services。

Open、Be honest、Keep your words,Advocate for win-win cooperation

Honesty is the foundation of the state department,The root of letter for doing things;
The pursuit of reasonable profit,Advocate for win-win cooperation;
McVey warmly welcome you to visit!

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Sichuan McVey company profile


Sichuan mike ventilation equipment co., LTD was founded2007Years,The registered capital5000,0000Yuan,Is a natural ventilation lighting in one of the manufacturers,After more than 10 years of development,Has been formed by electric fire smoke exhaust Windows、Ventilated daylighting skylight、The movable roof as the core

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Fire control terminal module box and what is the difference between fire control module box,What's the use?
Fire is a layer of a terminal box,Fire fighting equipment lines to lead to terminal box,After wiring,Attachment to the corresponding sensor and different function module of input or output ports。Junction box can be installed in a dedicated shaft inside。
Ventilation skylight window factory installed electric smoke how to realize the integrated fire?
Electric smoke exhaust Windows can realize fire linkage function,Skylight manufacturers usually responsible for electric smoke exhaust Windows installation,Open\/close control box reserved fire control terminals,Generally by fire control unit is responsible for access。
What is smoke skylight daylighting band,What is the role?
Light smoke in the skylight daylighting as one of the parts,简称:FRPPlate。
Light smoke skylights which classification?
Based on national standard atlas McVey skylight editor11CJ33《Ventilated daylighting skylight》,Electric light smoke window is divided into the following7A small class。