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Set research and development、Design、Production、The sale in a body
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Fashion bag is medium chosen! A beautiful bag,More reflect individual grade and quality

Professional productionMaintain excellent product quality

Medium characteristicsLet you choose us!

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01Which is medium bags

Perfect management system,Excellent quality of service,High work efficiency,Good company reputation and reasonable price,Customers around the world to provide quality products and services,Which products to the world。

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About medium

About medium
Huaihua city medium-range bags co., LTD
  Medium bags co., LTD is located in hunan provincial city, huaihua city, huaihua city, one of the leather leather creative advertising wuyang avenue park open area2Building,Which nickname crane city,Called five streams,Has existed since ancient times“Qian dian portal”“Chu throat”Said。China's central and eastern regions to the southwest“Bridgehead”,Railway、Shanghai-kunming high-speed BaoMao high-speed throughout the city,Cargo transportation extremely convenient,City have high iron,Zhijiang airport,Travel is very convenient。
  Medium-range leather leather luggage company is huaihua city developing economic district of creative advertising companies entering park investment promotion and capital introduction。In the company2016Years7Month29Which is registered,The registered capital2000Ten thousand yuan,Medium bags co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Design、Production、The sale in a body bag production enterprises,With employees500Many people。
  The main products are:Male、When female bag,Travel bag、Laptop bag、Backpack、Military package、...
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Company news

  • PC vs ABS Which good,Where is good?

    PC vs ABS Which good,Where is good?

    Polycarbonate is a new kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics,Polycarbonate has good electrical insulating performance and mechanical performance,Especially in the shock resistance,High toughness,Allows the use of a wider temperature range(-100~130℃),High transparency... [To check the details]
  • Rolling suitcase accessories

    Rolling suitcase accessories

    Aluminum frame pull rod box is a cohesive package fluctuation two parts is an aluminum frame,The general material is aluminum frame rod boxPCMaterials,The aluminum frame bags are more overall will be strong,The portable chair also can treat as travel,When tired,Can sit... [To check the details]

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QPC vs ABS Which good,Good...

A Polycarbonate is a new kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic...

QRolling suitcase accessories

A Aluminum frame pull rod box is to connect two bags...

QThe size of the pull rod box is introduced and aviation standards

A Three high size is only reference size,Different products...

QHow should child pull rod box selected

A As the saying goes,The baby is parents' pride,That's right...

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